Trend Alert: Doorknocker Earrings

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday!!! So what are your plans for the weekend? I'll be in town but I don't mind because the Tom Joyner Family Reunion is here and I'm headed to the Expo for some thought provoking seminars, comedic relief, vendor shopping, AND entertainment by some of my favorite artists. Then Monday, I plan to enjoy the last summer outing of the year by heading to the beach for Labor Day. Can't wait!!!

I wonder if you guys have been noticing a serious resurgence of the doorknocker earring style. This design is a fab statement piece seen prominently during the 1980s. I love this design. I currently own only 2 pair and they're both vintage styles. I've recently spotted these vintage earrings on some stylish celeb divas.  

On the left, Adrienne Bailon rocked a pair of Badacious doorknockers. These multi-colored earrings are super fab!!! If you guys haven't heard of this site....visit now at Rihanna  rocks a pair with pearl clasps. 

 Kim K looked regal in her deco inspired doorknockers.

Although I used to own the bamboo style back in the day, I've since moved on to the more modern styles below.


Loving the bold color on this pair.

 Yochi Door Knocker Earrings 

The Yochi style is more formal.....but feel free to rock them as you please!

Statement Lion Door Knocker Earrings 

Love the lion head. It provides some character.

Rachel Zoe Beaded Doorknocker Earrings 
$53.16 (on sale)

Rachel Zoe is about to take over the fashion industry. Her collection is garnering rave reviews and as you can see's very well deserved.

Vintage 1980s Door Knockers 

This affordable pair will allow you to "test drive" your interest in this trend without much investment.

 Vintage Kramer Retro Door Knocker Earrings 

This vintage pair is similar in style to the ones that Rihanna is rocking above.

So what do you think of this trend? Will you be rocking it?



Anonymous said…
Oh my dayzzz! You know I'm gonna have to check out RIGHT NOW! I love chunky statement earrings! x
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Anonymous said…
lovin the ear rings will definately grab a pair
Ag said…
Door Knockers! I love them, they give a NY American vibe to my outfits in the UK. I couldn't help but notice you are a pharmacist. Another pharmacist that love fashion, just like me (well when i graduate)! WINK!!!
Monroe Steele said…
love big earrings...i think they look better with people with longer hair though and since i cut mine i have been wearing smaller earrings.

xoxo Monroe

Fashion Steele NYC
Arr said…
I will have a pair of these...probably not the huge ones I wore in Jr. High, but a medium pair would be an excellent accessory to a weekend look.
Loving those earrings!! I like Rihanna so much better when her hair isn't red. She looks gorgeous.

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