Reader Request: Transitioning Style for the Big 3.0

Greetings Fashionistas,

I have a fab reader request from Toya that I'd like to share with you all.

Hi, I just ran across your blog. My name is Latoya and I too turned 30 this year, but I’m having a hard time figuring out how to dress in my new age category. I do think it's time to step the game up and leave the jrs dept alone.

FABULOUS! Another 80s baby taking it to the next level ;-) First things first, let me tell you that there's nothing wrong with shopping in the jrs department. However, you just have to know which items to choose and which ones to leave on the rack. I have purchased several items from jrs and I'll indicte which ones are safe to incorporate in your grown woman style below. We need to establish you a wardrobe heavy with staple pieces and modern/trendy accessories.

1. Get a blazer...or three....ASAP

The blazer is such a classic, versatile item to have in your wardrobe. It elevates EVERY outfit when added. It imparts a polished, grown woman style, or funky edge (depending on the print and material).

Blazer with Shiny Lapel

Sophisticated style for sure. I would recommend hitting up your local Goodwill or 2nd hand store because that's where the best finds are at. Trust. This is an example of a garment that can be lifted from the jrs department.

2. Wrap dresses and figure flattering dresses

Not only does a wrap dress complement all body types, it's sexy as heck without revealing too much skin. However, if you're like me and like to show off your legs, go with a mini dress that covers more on top so that you don't end up looking like the young chicks out there who tend to let it all hang out (I'm not hatin'.....I was that chick briefly). See below for examples.

 Left: Life in Progress Denim Wrap Dress

This dress is a from a "young" store but it has a grown woman style at a very affordable price.

Right: ASOS V-Neck Pleat Waist Knitted Dress

Here's a quick rule of thumb for going with a grow, but sexy look. If you want to put the girls on display (breasts) then go with a deep v-neck or sweetheart neckline and make sure the bottom is relaxed and has length. If you want to show off your legs, make sure you have more coverage up top. You will definitely pull off grown and sexy. Just make sure your accessories are tasteful and not over the top.

3. Pencil Skirt...Button down shirt....A MUST!

You cannot go wrong with adding either item above to your transitioning wardrobe. Both garments are classic and versatile just like the blazer. They're perfect for the job....or stepping out. It's the print, color, and patterns that elevate these tried and true pieces.

Left: Leopard Print Pencil Skirt

This is a fab addition...from a "juniors" store. Make sure the skirt fits, but doesn't bunch at the crotch area, that means it's too tight. I personally think this animal print is awesome! It's sexy, yet you're not exposing much skin. Now that's what you call grown woman style!

Right: Non-iron Fitted Sateen Shirt

I can't stress enough how crucial a button down is in any woman's closet. But the most important thing is to make sure it fits. If you can see your bra between buttons....that's an ill fit for sure. Pair this top with the above skirt, with a pair of skinny dark denim jeans and a blazer, or over a shift dress and belted at the waist. To make each oufit look fun or edgy....I recommend you pair a killer heel, funky flat, or statement jewelry for a modern, trendy style.

4. Pair of Pumps....classic color or funky pattern

A nice pump is a lovely investment for your grown woman style. I suggest going with prints and sky high heels for a glam diva look. But if that's not your taste, a black or nude pump (close to your skin tone) will work as well.

Left: Qupid Pumps $49.00

I can definitely see this heel paired with a pair of skinny jeans and a chic blouse. Hmm....I may need to scoop this pair up my self, lol.

Right: Wild Pair Mara

I'm sorry but I'm loving animal print right now and these heels are hot! They would look so great with a LBD (little black dress) and clutch.

 5. Statement Jewelry

In my opinion, the one thing that truely elevates your personal style...besides the good fit of your clothes...are your accessories. You need several "conversation starting" pieces that draws the eye AND keeps your overall look modern.

Left: Geometric Chandelier Earrings

I like to pair huge earrings with a simple item. It makes me look as if I'm wearing something really fab. Think white tank, high-waisted bell bottoms, huge earrings, and platform heels.

Right: Cleopatra Crescent Necklace

This bold piece will definitely draw the eye to the neckline and it's simple design allows you to use it with several different pieces in your closet. That's another key to grown woman style......versatility.

Okay Toya, the items above and style pointers are just the beginning. I hope this gives you an idea of what pieces to shop for and the style you want to portray. On Monday, I'll provide you with several outfits to really pull your style into a more grown and fabulous era.

See you Monday! Have a great weekend!



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