Outfits: Granny Chic

Greetings Fashion Divas,

Do you ever have those moments where you leave the house thinking you look polished and/or fly, only to look back at pictures and be like "dang....what the heck was I thinking"? Ugghhh....that happens to me on infrequent occasion. I think it unnerves me so much because I've reached a level where I understand shape, proportion, cut, color palette, and fit. So when I neglect the aforementioned characteristics of good personal style.....I'm quite disappointed in myself.

Well, I wasn't going to include my outfit mishaps on the blog, but then I was like...whatever, I'm not perfect, and what I don't like, some of you may enjoy....or at least be inspired by it ;-) It's like the "how would you have styled this" segment. Just take it or leave it.

I was so excited to run up on this polka dot midi skirt. I envisioned pairing it with a button down top and open toe pumps for work.

Well.....I didn't like how "library chic" I looked. I think I should have went with a top that had more darts at the midsection to create a more fitted look, then combined it with a thicker belt. I know you can't see the shoes but I went with a boring neutral pair. I'll take it up a notch and add fuchsia next time.

Top - Banana Republic
Belted skirt - Forever 21
Handbag - Cole Haan

Now the above attire I wore to church this past Sunday.....talk about blending in with the elder divas on my pew. SMH!

I think I should have cinched the waist here with a thin/medium width belt, and went with a shorter necklace (does that even make sense?).

Prim and proper photo-op from the 1950s.....

Earrings and Necklace - Forever 21
Dress - H&M
Handbag - LV Speedy 35
Rings - Street vendor
Heels - Zara

I swear these looks made me look AND feel 30 years older. I've got to do better!



SaoirseD said…
I actually quite like the poka dot skirt on you. I think it looks fine.
Laura said…
I love the look! Nothing wrong with library chic ;) Thanks for following my blog! Following yours too xoxo
LocalCeleb said…
I like the polka dot skirt too! :)

4-LEXI said…
Nice! Loving this dress on you.

EbonyCPrincess said…
LOL! I really like the church dress, but I do agree with your critique of it. And I prob would hem it a bit for me, my calves are so thick! lol. Love the hair chica, very healthy and long!
Hehe! It's not so bad. Actually, it's similar to an outfit I posted on my blog 2 days ago.

I definitely have days where I feel like something isn't quite right with my outfit...but it's always worse in my eyes than it is in the eyes of my readers LOL.

I think you could have given it a modern twist with a thicker, more masculine belt and an edgier shoe. Also try a more tailored blouse OR a breezy, light-weight blouse. You could also try putting your hair up to complete the whole "library chic" vibe...

P.S. try rocking the skirt with a t-shirt instead of a blouse, and topping it off with a statement necklace!

...and girl, that dress is gorgeous! I don't think it makes you look old at all!

Eboni Ife'
JustPatience said…
Love the skirt and the speedy :)

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augustalolita said…
you look amazing!! loving both looks <3
JazzH said…
I love this dress!!! Maybe I should go back and get it, lol! Cute look!
Kimbunnii said…
Love that you shared both looks. No one gets it exactly right all the time no matter how much they front lol. U actually pull both off rather nicely!
E. Harness said…
Well I love them. You look extremely ladylike. ;-)