Outfit: Still feeling teal....

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

This weekend I went home to visit the family. Let me start off by saying that I serve an awesome God! My family is the best and I'm so thankful for them in my lives. We certainly get on each other's nerves now and again, but for the most part, we're tight as peas in a pod ;-)

When I first get home I either go straight to my mom's....or to my grandmother's. This time I stopped at my grandma's house first because we had a family reunion meeting. My grandma is hilarious! We caught up on food....because I talk with her all the time, lol. I gonna make some black eyed peas so I needed to get her recipe. She and my mom are the best cooks ever!

I went with a bright color palette with neutral accessories because we're still quite sunny here in the sunshine state :)

 Haaa! The look on my face is priceless here....I think my nephew asked me for an IPad....dude, I don't even have one, he got a serious "jigga please" from auntie, lol.

 These oxfords are really thin....they have the flexibility of a dance shoe. I don't think they're going to last too long :(

 This skirt is soooo fab! I love finding great deals....it was on the "yellow tag" rack at Forever 21.

Earrings (gold hoops) - Nordstrom
T-shirt - Urban Outfitters
Necklace, Rings and Skirt - Forever 21
Clutch - BCBG MaxAzria
Oxfords - GoJane.com



I just love your style. Your teaching me to incorporte more brights into my wardrobe! Lovely post..the bags a nice touch.

Anonymous said…
Got my eyes on that clutch.....
Great outfit, simple ans stylish.
Unknown said…
Very cute look! love the necklace and thanks for visiting :o)
LA Lynn's said…
Yessss, GOD is GOOD!!!! (w/ a capitol G!) ~Family Time is the BESTEST!!!!! I sooo wish my Granny was still alive… miss her dearly!!!! That is supa funny that your nephew wants you to buy him an IPAD… kids these days – SMH!!!!

The neutral colors look divine and the clutch is just right!!!! BTW, I just purchased me a pair of Oxfords and I feel the same way as you… I’m NOT 100% sure that they will last throughout winter. Which sucks because they are really cute!!!! :-/
I love that skirt, you look amazing.
Audrey Leighton said…
fabulous pendant necklace- love it!



xx Audrey
Unknown said…
great bag and shoes!
i just subcribed to your blog..hope u subcribe back id love to comment some more :)
Sam said…
That skirt looks so good on you! I love how it shows curves. It looks so nice in combination with your shirt
Unknown said…
I found your blog from a post on High Heels and Good Meals...I love it so far! Great look adn lol @ nephew asking for an ipad.

Sidenote - is that all your hair? Have you done a post about your haircare already? If not...requested!!!