Outfit: Red Rover, Red Rover

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Welcome back from the weekend!!! I feel re-energized and ready to start my work week. My trip to  New York was very beneficial in two major ways. Foremost, I was there for business and my conference was really good. It did take me away from doing a lot of tourist stuff but oh well. Secondly, I was there for FASHION!!! The city was alive with the commencing of New York Fashion Week, Fashion's Night Out, and Blogger's Night Out. I got in town in just enough time to experience Fashion's Night Out. I'll have a post coming soon on that. I'm editing photos and awaiting pics from a PR firm....because my camera went dead on me :-(

Anyhew, below I've included pics of my business meeting. Remember, it was a fashion business meeting....hence the lack of a suit or other conservative wardrobe pieces. I have to come correct with my business partners or I'll look like the odd ball out, LOL.

I was feeling the whole lady in red look ;) I don't have a lot of red dresses....as a matter of fact, I don't have any! Oh blasphemy, I must correct that ASAP!

 I love these wedge heels. You can't tell here in this pic....but they're 6 inches high. SWEET!

Cardigan - Macy's
Romper - Urban Outfitters
Belt - Vintage
Watch - Emporio Armani
Rings - Street vendors
Clutch - Forever 21
Shoes - Asos.com



Anonymous said…
Thanks for your lovely comment and for following us! : ) We follow you now too.

Your outfit looks great ... I love your shoes. : )

Unknown said…
Very cute outfit!!! Love the shoes!! & your hair looks great chica!!

- Kimbunnii - said…
How cute! I just realized I don't have enough red pieces in my closet. Those heels are to die for!
Anonymous said…
Love your shoes. Great post !
LA Lynn's said…
Yes, I need to incorporate more RED in my closet and the HEELS are just too FLY!!!!
G. said…
Very well pu together! Definitely something I could see myself in.

http://absolutedoll.blogspot.com ❤
Sarai said…
The wedges are hot! One of my dreams is to visit New York even though I've heard it's extremely intense so I guess I'll have to make up my own mind some day! xx
Kristina said…
If you don't have the prettiest legs in blogland! I love the wedged heels on you.

Slow Strut, Rouge Lips - Not Just a Fashion Blog
Kerissa said…
Those wedges are fab on top of fab. Red is a sexy color and a red romper says I'm sexy and confident.