Outfit: Did I Miss the Rule?

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Welcome back from the weekend! I did exactly what I said I was going to do so I have no surprises to share. Yesterday was particularly heaven because after church I cooked, then sat on my behind the remainder of the day. I even got a nap in (yaaayyy!).

On Saturday I went shopping with my nephew. We both deserved it because my yard beat the mess outta us and we were drained. I got stung by a wasp (which hurt like the dickens) and my nephew got attacked by a thorn bush he was trying to cut down, LOL. I think I'll hire professionals from here on out. SMH

As I was getting ready to head to the mall, I decided to dress up some basics by going a little extra with my accessories. However, when I went into one of the stores.....I think it was Dillards.....the sales associate at the jewelry display was like "Wow, you have on a ton of jewelry. I always shy away from piling on so much....." O_o   Is she crazy? Obviously her mom didn't tell her that if you don't have anything positive to say....then don't say a got darn thing!!!

So as you can see.....I have on "tons" of arm candy.

In addition to the arm candy....I paired long earrings with a necklace. Ohhhh....fashion faux pas, LOL.

BTW....these open toe Mary Jane heels are one of my favorite heels to pair with shorts. They're "understated sexy".

So guys....overlooking the grainy photo, did I miss the old fashion rule? You know, the one that says you should take off one piece of jewelry before leaving the house. Hmmm....I usually add on one piece, lol.

Earrings and Necklace - Forever 21
Tank - Gryphon
Clutch - Barney's New York
Shorts - Wet Seal
Bangles and Bracelets - Forever 21, gifted, and street vendors
Heels - Nine West



Unknown said…
I think for your casual wear you did it just right, I don't think anything was overdone, you look great! Who is anyone to judge.. What was SHE wearing?!

Dre said…
Cute look! I love the shirt and the bangles!
Zarna said…
i love wearing lots of bangles too :)
7eventh Letter said…
Girl please ignore her comment! She obviously is unaware that rules are meant to be broken! I think you look fab.

7eventh Letter
E. Harness said…
You look awesome, and you should have slapped that sales associate!
Bonnie said…
I love your shoes! The color is just fantastic. I'm glad that you had an awesome weekend!

Twitter: @GlamKitten88
Alexandria said…
love your sandals.

now following :)

Cathy said…
haha looking your arm candy! :) you look GOOD! c:
LA Lynn's said…
Chile puh-lease... If rockin' too much accessories was a crime then LOCK me up & throw away the KEY I have had some ARM PARTIES & NECK BANGERS to make that Sales Lady take a picture and send it home to MAMA!!!!

At any rate, you look GORG and the shoes are stunning!

I'm just wondering did you get the nephew the Ipad or is this the same newphew??? lol

Sorry, to hear about the sting!!!! #OUCH

Fashion Pad said…
@LALynn....girl this is the same nephew but he only got clothes this time, lol. I almost broke down but these new generation kids are something else!!!
Stanique said…
Girl Werk! LOve this outfit & the shoes!! Sorry about the wasp thing, that's exactly why I leave it up to the professionals!

This is why you can't listen to what everyone says.. You look great! =)

Practically Coffee
House of Brooke said…
This is FASHION!