Outfit: Comedy Show Chic

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

On this past Friday I went to see Eddie Griffith live at the Orlando Improv. Ummm....let me just say that I was sooooo disappointed. He apparently was on some kind of rant involving racism, politics, religion, etc. Homeboy was high and vulgar x 50. I had a hard week and I just wanted to laugh....not cringe in my seat half the evening. His set was supposed to last only 50 minutes but when my friend and I finally got up to leave...he was still going strong at 3:00am......he came on at 12 midnight....INSANE!!! I don't know what his deal was but I am not paying my money...or having someone else pay.....to see his behind again.

On another note....I rocked a fab laptop case as a clutch. You must try it if you guys haven't.

My lovely oversized laptop case.....used as a clutch. I think I'll only use this as a clutch from here on out ;-)

See how the bright colors catch the eye and pull the look together? I know right, lol.

Here's Mr. Crazy himself....SMH

But his performance isn't going to make me stop liking Undercover Brother.

Earrings - Street vendor
Necklace, Top, and Jeans - Forever 21
Bangles - gift from friend (Alexis Bittar)
Laptop case/Clutch - Missoni for Target
Heels - Jessica Simpson 'Dany'



Arr said…
I love comedy shows.

You too so cute and chic. I don't have a laptop case but I certainly will cruise the section for a new clutch. Hot idea.
Unknown said…
Sorry you had to waste your adorable look on that! I hate when I really want to go and have a drink and crack up.. and I'm sitting there 2 hours later *blank staring* Next time! Love the dual purpose case/clutch!

Love the laptop clutch, awesome use of it.
I love comedy, but it's entirely off-putting when they seem to primarily have material involving race & politics. Is there not enough that we hear with just existing in the world? Sorry his performance was blaah, but I love the colours of your top & heels dear! good for you!! :)
Lili said…
you look great... loving the heels, I can't seem to find it anywhere
xo Dior

btw thanks a lot
Candyce Nicole said…
Using a laptop case a clutch is such a GREAT idea!

I'm mad at Eddie for putting on a horrible performance #nobueno

Unknown said…
Love your creativity...using the laptop case as a clutch is genius!!

Unknown said…
thanks for introducing me to your blog, great style!
Janell said…
A laptop case as a clutch? I've never heard of this trick, but I LOVE it. You look fab and that "clutch" completes your outfit :) Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comment. New follower here!

LA Lynn's said…
I love comedy shows... but don't you just HATE it when they disappoint!!!!! they get you all FIRED up and ready to laugh until it hurts and then NOTHING!!!!

No Comdey but at least you was cute... The shoes & the bag is WINNING!!!!

LOL oh no! There is nothing worse than preparing to laugh your butt off at a comedy show only to be let down by an angry rant that's not even funny. Sorry!

On the bright side, you look super cute! Love the bag and shoes!!