Labor Day Fashion Show Recap

Greetings Fashion Divas,

I'm currently on my way to the NYC. I'm actually going for business with my job but I'm so excited because I will be arriving in time to do some sightseeing and shopping before getting ready to step out for Fashion Night Out!!! I'm bringing my mom along so we are going to have a fabulous time! Unfortunately I won't be able to stay for NYFW, but I'm just happen to be getting at least a tiny piece of the action this year :)

As promised, I've done the final edits for the photos I took on Labor Day for a fashion show I attended. The organizers asked everyone to come dressed in all white. Of course I was only happy to oblige, lol.

 You know I jumped at the chance to wear my absolute favorite blazer again ;-)

 Rings - Forever 21

 Heels - Sam Edelman "Lorissa"

Blazer - Zara
Tank - Men's Fruit of the Loom
Cuff - Hot Topic
Clutch - Vintage (treasure from my mom's closet )
Shorts - Hudson Jeans

 Earrings - Street vendor (I can't help it....they have the BEST jewelry IMO)

And the show begins....these ladies ROCKED the floor with a little song and dance number.

 I really like the floral print of this dress. However, it was awfully short and the ruffled bolero that was paired with it reminded me of the infamous gold bolero Jennifer Hudson wore to the Oscars the year she won. Hideous!

 Leather is always on trend for fall......

Hmmm....these leggings look awfully familiar......

 Leopard print is EVERYWHERE!!!!

 70s inspired jumpsuit....another hot trend seen back in February on the spring runways.

 This was my absolute fav look of the night. The model's hair was so gorgeous and the cropped leather jacket was too cute!

 Oh yeah....and let's not forget those pants. HAUTE!!!

 Of course there was a little eye candy for the ladies as well.

I met up with my fab friend Stacia that I hadn't seen in years! We used to dance together on our college dance team. LOVES her!!!

Fun glad I was able to go. Thanks to the homie @5StarrStyle for putting me on. Luv u much D!



Unknown said…
I love those feather earings :)
Very cute outfit :) x
Love those leopard wedges! Nice blog you have dear. Would you like to follow each other?
Ask Erena
Anonymous said…
you liked the natural hair style, huh??? You're going down dude.
LA Lynn's said…
Ahhhh... lucky youuuu!!!!! Get to be in NYC for FNO!!!! Enjoy it...

BTW, your shoes are HAUTE!!!!
House of Brooke said…
The 70's jumpsuit HAUTE 4Real..
The leggins that look FAMiliAR are sweet. (my Mom crochets these)
And the chick with the leather jacket & FIYA hair was workin' it.

Looks like fun!
Marella said…
Amazing outfit!
Great blog! Following! Follow back? <3
Anonymous said…
Great post! : ) I love your all white outfit! You combined everything so good.

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Kim said…
I love your look. The white looks great against your skin. I want those shoes and that clutch!
Wow! Nice pics! And you are right, leopard is all over the place! I wrote about it so many time on my blog!

Twitter @nanc_nd_tag
Bravoe Runway said…
What a fantastic fashion show and I loved your all white outfit, very chic and crisp!
Unknown said…
Lovely pictures. Enjoy your FNO! :)

Heel in Mint
You look HAWT!!! I want those Lorissas!!!
7eventh Letter said…
Lucky you to be in NY for even a little bit of NYFW!!!!!! I'm loving your look in this post! Get it!!!

7eventh Letter
7eventh Letter said…
Lucky you to be in NY for even a little bit of NYFW!!!!!! I'm loving your look in this post! Get it!!!

7eventh Letter
Sara said…
loving the new look of the blog! and cute outfit, love the shoes!
How was FNO? Hope you had a fun night =)
hey girl! I love your "white out" look! I'm so jealous that you are in NY for Fashion's Night Out! I hope you have a blast!
Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh check out those heels!! LOve the all white attire too, gorgeous!

N.B. As for the book community...girl you need to join! I don't wanna hear no excuses about no time to prepare. You have MONTHSSSS to get it going. One chapter a week! Give it a go and tick it off as another thing you've achieved! ; ) xxx

Urban art + street fashion addict:
Flabgee said…
Love your heels :)
Nice blog :)
Prissy said…
Love the all white & the SE shoes are killin'em!! You make me wanna run & get these!!

Unknown said…
Your shoe game is something serious!!! Can't ever go wrong with spikes.
E. Harness said…
I gotta tell ya. I LIVE for this all white ensemble. And those earrings...#breathless