New Additions

Greetings Fashionistas,

It's a Happy Friday for me! I've finally made the decision to go au naturel.....however, I refuse.....I repeat....I REFUSE to do the big chop. So my hair, which is long anyways, is going to be weaved down for a while. It's hard to transition for me because I want to keep putting heat to my roots and that's leading to breakage :(  I will be at the salon right after work getting my weave on, lol. I may even go out tonight.....ummm, yea right, Lmbo.

Tomorrow, I'm attending a Breast Cancer luncheon organized by the Health Ministry at my church. Of course I'm involved since I'm an oncology pharmacist at a cancer center. I'm so excited to raise money for such a charitable cause. I just know it's going to be a fabulous even so I can't wait!!!

On another note, I've been a semi-bad girl lately. I abandoned my "shopping hiatus" and purchased a couple of items. I'm only going to show you the ones I got from a brick and mortar store because my online purchases haven't arrived yet. The good thing is that every item was on sale....well, one of them wasn't but I had a gift card so that equals sale to me ;-)

I finally bit the bullet and got me a pair of black wedge heels. I don't know what took me so long. It's not like I was searching for an uber unique pair. My only prerequisites was that it had to have a high wedge (per usual) and ankle strap. I think I did well :)

Wedges: Sam Edelman via Nordstrom

The wedge isn't too over the top so I'm going to see if I can rock these at work without my colleagues going ape over them. They really mess me up by paying too much attention to what I'm wearing....GEESH!

Finally, I was able to get me a pair of fierce, leopard print booties. Now for these shoes, I was definitely searching for the perfect pair. I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg....but I did not want them to look cheap either. I actually ran up on these by accident. I didn't want to go in the store but my friend did, so I went in and sat down right in front of them. My first words were "Excuse me, may I have those in a size 7 please" LOL.

Booties: Wild Pair via Baker's

I was sold when I saw the heel.....A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!

You guys will be seeing these lovely booties on this site too often for sanity's sake. The leopard print obsession barely has a tight lid over it. LOL

Have an awesome weekend lovelies!!!



Unknown said…
Waiting to see that weave on you lady! and great that you are involved in such a great cause..

Now on to those shoes.... SMOKIN' *HOT* I LOVE THEM BOTH! Great finds.. *jealous* :)
I have very similar pairs to these! Wedge shoes are the way forward! So comfy. Yours are super sexy! I also have some booties that I got from ebay and were a dupe to some expensive highstreet ones Ive seen. Fab post, hope the charity event is good. My mum is a mamographer so she does a lot of breast awareness charity events!

Emily said…
I really admire you for contributing to such a great cause. My amazing godmother had breast cancer, but thank goodness she is alive and healthy now. I can't wait to see your weave too! And holy crap.... Those shoes are making me drool. The black wedges are the perfect shoes to wear nearly every day. And those leopard booties! They're beyond sexy. That itty bitty stiletto heel is so hot.

Unknown said…
I am loving both pairs, especially those leopard booties!! Those booties are too sharp!! I am still searching for the right leopard bootie and pump to add to my wardrobe!!

Carsedra of:
Falala Mele said…
oh the black shoes are just beautiful!
I love those leopard booties! I want.
CC said…
Leopard print ones. <3 <3<3
Crystal said…
those black wedges are gorgeous!

Cathy said…
I lovelovelove those black wedges. :3 WOW. <3 your shoegasms are amazing.
Kaleido Mind said…
ahh both those shoes are amazing!!!:D
Unknown said…
love the leopards :)) looks great!***
Faieka said…
loving the leopard booties...actually added it to my fall wishlist yesterday.....looking to find the perfect pair for me...great following
Sam said…
Those leopard booties are awesome! I also absolutely love the heel, though I don't really know if I like it in combination with the leopard.
And those wedges are darling too!
the wedges are hilarious!!!!! visit my blog and if you like it lets follow each other :)
Janell said…
It's always good to be involved in such great causes. Those shoes are on fire! I'm a die-hard lover of leopard, so I'm in love with those booties.

Natali said…
The wedges are to die for!!!
Liz Lizo said…
Great additions, those leopard booties are super sexy, love it.

Liz Lizo
Liscy said…
The wedges look exactly like the Giuseppe one! I love Love it. It's a real statement piece! Rockit!
House of Brooke said…
the wedges ROCK...
the lep. pring is sexiii..

but that pencil will have me FACE down! I am so sure I woud fall!

Can't wait to see how you ROCK these!