Who Rocked It???

Greetings Fashion Divas,

Happy Thursday good people!!! Here is another edition of one of my favorite segments......Who Rocked It? The coveted item is this Chanel Crochet Leather Fringe Bag.

This tote bag features the classic Chanel CC logo, leather and chain linked handle, and fringe trimming. The bag's style fits more into a "luxury boho chic" category. The ladies below rocked the cream color recently.

First up, Rihanna was spotted in Barbados on the beach with her Chanel tote. With a price tag in the thousands.....my bag would be no where near salt water.....but I'm sure she can easily replace it :)

Kim K was spotted out in about with her sisters and Vera Wang (not pictured) pairing her bag with a leopard print jumpsuit and Christian Louboutin heels. Certainly an interesting combination. I'm a little on the fence with her overall look, but I do like the individual pieces for sure. The bag, as I mentioned above, is more boho than anything and the silk jumpsuit competes with it...in my humble opinion.

Country singer LeAnn Rimes was spotted walking through the airport sporting her Chanel crochet bag. I'm not really a fan of LeAnn's fashion choices most times so the addition of her exclusive tote to the above outfit is "okay" at best.

So which celebrity diva do you feel rocked their handbag?

images spotted via Google Images



Alina said…
Wow...amazing bag!Love all these looks, but Kim s look is the best!
Mimi said…
Weird, I like everyones pieces, just not with the bag. Leann looks too casual, but I loved the scarf. If I had to say who rocked it the best I would go with KK.
Fashion Maids said…
I love them all!

Sew J.Tomas said…
That bag is hott!!! I would have to go with Leann everyday look without the scarf. I feel like kim look is to much with the leopard print going on, maybe if it was in black it would like nice. RiRi"s is not bad, but who would take that nice bag in the water? lol
Anonymous said…
LOVE this channel bag in black. Its gorgeous! Following you, hope you'll pop over and follow me too!

Urban art + street fashion addict:
Anonymous said…
channel OR *CHANEL*!(I must of been on crack when I left my last comment lool!

Carmen Vogue said…
They all look great! This bag is amazing. It has been on my radar for sometime now.


Kimberly said…
I'm addicted to this bag!!