Greetings Fashion Friends,

I had a difficult time going to sleep last night. So what do I do to pass the time away? Oh, so happy you ask! I searched the web for fab new finds that I covet!!! Now I try my best to limit my post to only 5 items. I do this so that I can try to control the shopping beast that forever lurks just beneath the surface trying to take over my spending habits. That heffa has been getting strong over the past couple of years. LOL!

Most of the items below are unattainable for little ol me (hehe). But I still had to include them just in case I win the lotto, my bf decides to shower me with uber expensive gifts, or some kind soul feels my pain and wants to get these for me *wink wink*

 Belstaff Triumph leather jacket

Yea.....pretty pricey right! Well I certainly know this, but this jacket is so beautiful. Take a look at the tailoring, flawless cut, and distressed leather aesthetic. I'm in love! It's going to be a great staple piece for the colder temps.

Hive and Honey Metal Twist Bracelet

This piece is seriously chic and I love the funky design. This bracelet would be a fabulous addition to a LBD or a minimalist's wardrobe. I need it!

Blaque Label Up in Smoke Grey Maxi Skirt

 When I saw this skirt I already envisioned the pieces I would layer this with for fall. I would go with either a sexy stiletto heel, or a knee length boot. The slit is at the perfect location for some serious intrigue. Now if that's not a reason to get this I don't know what is! (melodramatic rant)

Overlay Ruch Dress By Boutique

I love the classy design of this dress. I could certainly rock this to work and throw on a blazer over it or pair it with a cardigan and belt it at the waist. I could also see myself wearing this dress out to dinner. It will be a real asset for my......assets, LOL.

Sam Edelman Uma $249.95 http://www.solestruck.com/

This bootie intrigues me. I don't really know if I'm totally sold on it yet, but I do know that I'm interested in at least trying it on. The pattern mix is really odd and I think it kinda works......but I'm still on the fence. What do you guys think?



Jennifer said…
I think that jacket is the most absolutely GORGEOUS leather jacket I've seen in a long time!!!
meisha moo said…
Love the dress as well! Can be worn many different ways to many different occasions.

And i must say ...get the shoes, they are a real conversation piece.
Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!
Bravoe Runway said…
O.M.G.............I nearly died when I saw that jacket! It is just stunning and I have not seen anything this fab in a long time. OK now the rest of the stuff is totally affordable and you should get it! I love that bracelet and the long skirt too! Pattern mixing...yeah it is an art..try to keep it all within the same family ;)
Anonymous said…
I feel your pain sweetheart! I am so glad I'm not the only one ;) I have been eyeing that Hive and Honey Twist Bracelet. A Gotta-Have!!!
I greatly appreciate you stopping by my site and for commenting. I am loving what I'm seeing on your site. Can't wait to see more! Would love to have you as a follower of the Style~ Spotlighted. Hope to see your very soon.

Meanwhile, Stay FABulous,

The Other Coco Chanel
Mimi said…
Love that bracelet..love it even more because its so cheap. Too bad so sad about the price on that jacket. I love it. *goes to find a knockoff*!
House of Brooke said…
I too love that leather jacket!
WIN! all the way.

Now this was WORTH staying up for!


I love the Sam Edelman Uma... SE is quickly becoming a fav of mine. Love the blog!!! I'm now following!!!

Stop by sometime!