Review - Misikko's HANAair Dryer

Greetings Fashion Divas,

Did you ever feel as if you're wearing a great outfit but some thing's off in your appearance. Well, in order to really pull off a fabulous outfit, you must also make sure your hair is on point. It doesn't have to be anything extravagant, a simple blow out will do wonders and provide you with the boost of confidence you need to rock your style.

The process of fabulous, healthy hair takes into account the following:

1. Eating a healthy diet - what you put in your body will affect your hair growth, hair follicles, and it's overall
2. A healthy shampoo and conditioning regimen - my stylist researches the products she uses on me and individualizes certain ones based on her client's hair type. It is essential to not only shampoo the hair on a regular basis, but to also incorporate a deep conditioning every so often (refer to a professional for specifics).
3. Hair maintenance routine - constantly nourishing your hair will keep it in a healthy state. A daily leave-in conditioner is great for those of you that put off salon visits (I understand it can be expensive).
4. Choosing styling products that protect the hair and reduce breakage and dull appearance.

Today I introduce you to the HANAair Professional Hair Dryer :

I received this lovely package courtesy of Misikko . Misikko is located right outside of Philadelphia and for over eight years, they have been seeking out the newest innovations in the hair and beauty industry. Misikko's goal is to help you learn about the tools of the trade so you can find the right tools and products at the right prices. They insist that they look for high quality products that deliver on their promises.

Lovely accompaniments to my dryer.

They also included some beauty products and a couple of thermal protectants........SWEET!

This is the HANAair Professional Hair Dryer.

It may look harmless.....but trust me when I say it's a formidable styling tool.

I have used the HANAair 3 times since I received it at my doorstep. The above image is a picture of my niece's hair after I shampooed it after our beach day.

She has thick hair and it normally takes a while to dry.

This was after only about 5 minutes of blow drying.

Sorry for the grainy photo......when fully dry, the hair was super soft, had a nice sheen to it, and had no visible breakage. I experienced the same lovely results after each usage. The best part is that the hair is NOT dryed out....even after using the high heat/high fan setting. And did I mention how soft the hair is after usage???

The HANAair dryer has 2 fan settings, 3 heat settings, plus a cold shot. My only complaint is that it's a little confusing at first to figure out how and the heck to get the settings set up for what you need. I guess I should have read the user's manual....o_o Also, because the control button is placed high on the handle, I had a tendency to press it a couple of times while gripping the dryer. It was a minor annoyance.

The dryer has a ceramic heater with infrared ionic heat. This is supposed to help maintain the hair's natural shine, reduce static electricity, and condition the hair. The dryer also comes with a concentrator attachment.

So far, I have been very satisfied with this product. I am always leary of trying styling products that say "Premier this"......or "Most advanced product"..... but I must say, while I'm no expert, I think this dryer is exactly what it claims to be. Even my stylist commented on how soft my hair was.....which is not the norm when it's course, LOL. The product is lightweight and it's sleek design makes it easy to handle. I give the HANAair Professional Hair Dryer two thumbs up!

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Anonymous said…
awesome review! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my hana air hair dryer, it is simply divine!