Outfit: Shrunken Jean Vest

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

The most out of the box item I own in my wardrobe just so happens to be this shrunken jean vest. I've never owned a jean vest before, and definitely not one that looks as if it belongs on a 6 year old girl, LOL! However, this item I came up on while shopping at a vintage store in Miami just drew me in.

 I pair it mostly with dresses so I can have some seriously funky proportion diffs going on. It makes for a 2nd or 3rd look by onlookers.....trust me.

Earrings, Necklace, and Bangles - Forever 21
Jean Vest - Vintage
Dress - Urban Outfitters
Rings - Various street vendors
Handbag - Cole Haan
Sandals - Sam Edelman



Fashion Maids said…
I love this outfit girl! i live for a denim vest with a vest simple and still sexy @ the same time.
Amanda said…
How cute is that vest! Nice style.