Outfit: Olive Mini

Greetings Fashion Divas,

Is it just me or does anyone else just hate when you make an impulsive buy then keep it in your closet for years before you force yourself to wear it??? It could be just me and my crazy self...smh. But this is exactly what happened with this olive green mini dress that I scooped up from Zara a couple of years ago for $10 bucks.

Olive is not a color I gravitate towards so I'm unsure why I even bought this...beyond the price that is. It's not a bad looking mini but honestly it's just not my style.

However, a couple of nights ago, I finally decided that I was too through with avoiding this garment. I should have given it away a while ago, but subconsciously I think I was trying to punish myself for the impulsive purchase.....idk.

The dress is sleeveless so I decided to throw on a blazer and patterned pumps to jazz it up a notch.

This clutch is almost in the same boat as the dress but I actually LOVE this clutch. The faux leather and suede panels are super fly.

Overall the look was not too shabby. Next time I think I'll rock it bare armed with a huge statement necklace and strappy sandals.

Blazer - Zara

Dress - Zara

Clutch - Urban Outfitters

Cuffs - Hot Topic

Heels - Zara



Laura said…
Very polished and chic! I love this a lot!!!!! It's so nice to find another Florida gal blogger!
Fashion Pad said…
Thanks Laura!!! Honey I swear we are rare out here in the blogosphere, lol.
I love the green colour and your clutch. -xo
Heather said…
Love your shoes hunni!!! Cute style
KC said…
I feel the same way about some shades of green, too! What I love about this outfit is the shoes...I think leopard and green are always make a great couple!

I follow a couple of other bloggers from Florida...Tiffany from Breakfast With Tiffany and Melissa from A Working Mom's Closet. They are both on my blogroll in case you're interested.
Cathy said…
I love the look(I love green so much too haha)! You look great.
great dress hun! only ten bucks? wow!

Janique-HGB said…
Love the heels! Great look!