Outfit: It's The White Blazer Again

Greetings Fashionistas,

It's Friday!!!! It's pretty sad that I realize how old I am by the fact that I get excited that it's the weekend. What happened to those days when every day was the weekend??? Hmph....I must start enjoying my week more....no day is guaranteed right?

The other week I had a dinner program to attend for my job. It was on a Friday and I so did not want to spend my Friday evening in a business function. However, I'm glad I went. It was very informative, the food was really good, and the panoramic views of the restaurant were amazing!!!

Yes, I did pull out my summer fav yet again. But you just don't understand how well this blazer works with my summer wardrobe. It's sooooo divine!!!

Love the print of this dress. It's such a cutie patootie!!!

Blazer and Dress - Zara

Handbag - Cole Haan

Heels - boutique in Washington D.C.

Enjoy your weekend!



Laura said…
I love a good blazer and this is definitely it! It pairs so nicely with your dress!
Stanique said…
Adore this white blazer! A classic piece for any wardrobe.

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog =)

Practically Coffee
Cathy said…
wootwoot I like your outfit(cool dress!). xD if I had a nice blazer like that, I'd be tempted not to try to incorporate it into more of my outfits haha.
- Kimbunnii - said…
Such a chic outfit, LOVE the blazer!
Lovelyladyjb said…
Hey there! Love the outfit, and I have been wanting a white blazer, too late in the season to buy now.. but if I had one, i'd rock as much as possible too! :)

New follower! :)
Alissa said…
Very cute and I too own a white blazer that I wear to death. Currently it's being cleaned.
Carmen Vogue said…
You look adorable! I love this dress. Thanks for stopping by Carmen Vogue. I am now following.


oh honey! what an adorable look. owning a white blazer is so smart! it goes with everything and can completely transform an outfit into a chic ensemble. lovin' the print on the dress as well!
Tiffany said…
I love the white blazer!! I need a good summery piece like that!
You look amazing! Love the dress and crisp white blazer!
Anonymous said…
Hey there! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Just been brushing through your blog and I love it. NEW FOLLOWER !!

Mimi said…
I have to agree, the print on that dress is very chic. I love it!
Priscilla said…
This dress & blazer combo is AMAZING! OOOHH how I need that white blazer in my life