Outfit: I'm a Minimalist at Heart

Greetings Fashion Divas,

Although I covet all things fashion....when it comes down to it, I'm a serious minimalist. I love solid colors and simple silhouettes. I invest in the classic pieces, which are usually simple, and I spend as little as possible for the trendy items. But with that said, I always, always include a statement piece....or two, to add personality to my looks.

 I really could have went with some brighter colors....but the weather was really muggy and most times I dress in sync with the climate. It may seem weird but it works for me ;-)

 I love this necklace.....and you guys should know by now that I'm a ring fanatic!

 I was having a "don't feel like doing anything to my hair" day. On those occasions, I make sure to grab a hat from my "topper" collection.

Fedora - Bebe
Necklace - Forever 21
Top - Charlotte Russe ($3.99 - SWEET)
Rings - various vendors/Francesca's Collections
Skirt - Forever 21
Heels - Jessica Simpson 'The Dany'



Unknown said…
Love the outfit hun!! I am a "classic" shopper as well..trends only last for so long. I believe in buying timeless pieces that you can always rock.


Brenda said…
Minimimalist style works just as good as "busy" combos if you personalize your garments. I think this simple style suits you and the accessories look very interesting!
Enitan said…
loving the heels and the statement piece, the colour of your skirt is gorgeous! :)

Monroe Steele said…
love those shoes...you look great. thanks for your comment on my blog to darlin

xoxo Monroe

Fashion Steele NYC
House of Brooke said…
Thanks for having Goodie!
Lov'n the blog already!
I too dress somewhat according to the weather. Muggy makes my clothing dark!
U still look comfy!