Outfit: Chicago Style - Part I

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Welcome back from the weekend. I just returned back from a trip to Philadelphia where I had a freakin blast!!! My homegirl's mother threw her a surprise bday party and it was soooo super fun. I'll be sharing pics of course :-)

Below, I've included day 1 pics of my trip to Chicago. My 1st day to the Chi involved a trip from the airport, to the pizza parlor, then further downtown for some shopping and people watching. Sorry I have no deep dish pizza pics because I was too busy being greedy to remember to snap some photos. SMH!

On the way downtown, my bf decided to show me where he grew up as a kid and it just so happens that they were having a block party! Apparently all the neighbors on the block contribute to a fund to get games for the kids, like the huge inflatable bounce house you see above. Each neighbor cooks their own food but the fun and games are for everyone. How cool is that??? I know soooo many people that don't even know what their neighbors look like!

Headed into the downtown area....obviously some one was just super excited and played the tourist role to perfection, lol.

As soon as my belly was stuffed with deep dish pizza I immediately requested a trip to Michigan Ave.....you may also know it as the magnificent mile. And boy was it magnificent ;-)

Umm, I forget the name of this historic landmark, but it was one of only a few buildings that survived the horrific Chicago fire of 1871.

Mmmmm.....thank goodness I couldn't eat all of this super rich, chocolate sugar rush. Only the ice cream and the brownie on the very top were vanquished.

This lovely horse took it upon himself (yes it's a male) to stay hydrated. Smart animal, it felt like it was 90 + degrees that day.

You guys know I love a water fall.......and please notice that I have absolutely NO shopping bags in my hands. I was both happy and sad.....a very interesting emotional state to be in btw.

Earrings - gift (mom)

Maxi dress - Forever 21

Belt - Vintage

Handbag - Louis Vuitton Speedy 35

Rings - Street vendor

Sandals - Nine West



KC said…
You look great in this dress...but I want to steal that bag! ;)
Rhonda said…
That's such a cute maxi.
House of Brooke said…
u look so CuYuTe!!!

love that dress....

bag too>>> please mail :}


Black Butterfly said…
that dress is super cute!