Hot or Not....

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

As you guys know, I'm on vacation in Chicago right now. I'm having a blast but really surprised by how hot and muggy the weather is...booooo!

Last night the kid friendly Teen Choice Awards aired. Now I didn't watch it but I always make it my business to see the red carpet fashions....of course. Now everyone was pretty tame for the most part but three gorgeous divas had me scratching my head at their outfit choices.

First up is my girl Raven-Symone. From head to waist, her ensemble is pretty tame. However, the knickers she decided to pair with her jacket are ill fitted and not complementary. Also, the stockings must go.....

Katerina Graham, of "The Vampire Diaries", emerges in some frightening fringed mini for her blue carpet debut. I just don't get what she's going for......maybe the worst dressed list because apparently in Hollywood bad or good press is well.....good.

Now my girl Tyra looks great.....but this catsuit is a tad bit inappropriate for the Teen Choice Awards. Leather catsuits have always made me cringe so I have no real opinion on them anyway.

What do you guys think of their fashion selections????



Lili said…
I love Raven's outfit, not sure about Tyra
Xo Miss Dior