Fashion Show Recap

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday!!! I'm busy preparing for my trip tomorrow but I did want to give you a recap of the fashion show I attended Wednesday night. You must follow me on Twitter to stay updated guys @FashionPad ;-)

Clearly, it's still hot as ever so I deferred to my staple summer pieces: linen blazer, shorts, and high heels.

I got my hair done....but it's just a facade. I'm transitioning to a natural state *crosses fingers and begans to tremble* LOL. It's an inner struggle.

I've been wanting to wear these heels for a while. They are a tad too large so I had to get some heel inserts and..........voila!

Earrings - Forever 21; Necklaces - Vintage; Blazer - H&M; Tank - Zara; Bracelet - Street vendor; Ring - Forever 21; Shorts - Wet Seal; Handbag - Cole Haan; Heels - Aldo

The show took place at the Eco Lab, a clothing store in our downtown area. It was packed with pretty people, fab fashion, and was extremely HOT!!!!

Me and my homegirl Dawana of DressHaven blog. You can also catch her on Twitter @5StarrStyle. Chick is doing big things with her personal style business and new custom made jewelry line.

And the show begans......

This chick has legs for days......bish, LOL

Loved the looks of the fashion divas in the house!

I loved this chick's style but right when I was snapping a pic, this dude steps in the way.....seriously?

Combat boots with a body con mini and military jacket......bad chick status!

The men worked their fashions as well.

Wasn't really feeling this look........

Curvy girls unite!!!!

This model was working her walk and pose....loved it!

Dawana's bestie Nicole was part of the Eco Lab's styling team. Fab!

Dawana was super fly per usual.....Her hair cut is even more fierce in person btw.

At this point I'm out.....too hot to stay, lol.



Ninja said…
That blazer is insanely hot! I need a lovely, crisp, white one like that as well :)

xxx Irinja (
D. Linton said…
HAWWWTT post!!!! and literally in there as well too lol, but it was a GREAT event ;)
Regina said…
I LOVE your outfit!!!! That blush blazer is magnificent!
Monique said…
Honey....give me that entire outfit you're wearing. Love your friend's hair!
Kandi-STYLE said…
Love the outfit, esp the blazer!!
I love your outfit! That blazer is great! I love going to fashion shows! I used to participate in them all the time when I was in college.