Wardrobe Additions!

Greetings Fashionistas,

It's Friday good people! Although I have to work tomorrow :-(, I'm still so excited today marks the start of the weekend. Tonight I'm headed out for drinks (well, H2O and maybe a virgin daiquiri) LOL! Tomorrow after work my family is coming into town and then Sunday we're headed to the beach!!!! What fun!

Okay so like I said in a previous post this week, I have been steadily adding new items to my wardrobe. But I must say that I got rid of a TON of clothes and shoes recently. It's only fair that I keep the racks full and free of a cold draft, LOL.

So I finally bit the bullet and got these lovely Lorissa heels by Sam Edelman. I love his shoes because they are so unique, and extremely comfortable.

The animal print contrasts nicely with the spiked heel. Too gorgeous!

Bump Sketchers, I'm going to get a serious workout whenever I wear these beauties.....they are sooooo heavy, lol. I bought these babies on sale this past weekend at Bloomingdales.

I'm in love!!!

My next show and tell item comes courtesy of Baker's clearance rack

I love a polka dot shoe.....although I only own two pair now, I still fawn over this design for some reason.

At $15.97, I am quite proud of my bargain purchase. Go me!!!

Enjoy your weekend friends!



Fashion Maids said…
I love your sam edelman shoes i have them in denim, thanks for the follow too. do u have twitter so we can follow u.
Fashion Maids said…
We are also following your blog, we love it. and we are now following u on twitter as well.
Dhalia Edwards said…
Those Sam Edelman have been on my HOTT list forever. They look Super cute!

Ericka said…
Nice buys! I'm jealous of the spike heels. I've wanted them for so long, lol.
notanymore said…
Those first pair of heels look dangerous!

Remind me not too stand too close to you. :D
Fashion Pad said…
LOL @Kionon....they are heavy AND dangerous!!!