Style Challenge - Lace Cropped Top

Greetings Fashion Divas,

You know what time it is right? Well it's way past time for a style challenge!!! Honestly I just totally forgot that I haven't done this segment in a while. I try to stay up on my styling challenges because personal styling is a passion of mine. Providing people with ways to rework their wardrobes is super fun.

My choice today was the cropped lace top below found at Topshop.

TopShop top

TopShop top (see more lace tops)

I have no real reason for selecting this garment, but it was sure fun to mix and match styles, patterns, and materials. Check out what I created.

Style Challenge - Crop Top Part II

Layering the crop top over a fitted mini will create an appealing contrast and a high fashion appearance. It's a perfect spin on the lady in red ;-) Minimal accessories will allow the focus to be on you and how well you look in that dress.

Style Challenge - Crop Top Part I

I think this top can successfully be paired with a pair of high waisted shorts. I like the trouser style as it works well with the elegance of the lace top. I would suggest adding a pop of color with an accessory, like the fabulous blue heels above.

Style Challenge - Crop Top Part III

So here's a classic; black and white with a menswear flair. The sky high heels and lace adds the right amount of femininity to the outfit. I can't help but add the red to this just works. Tried and true will be a hit every single time.

Style Challenge - Crop Top Part IV

Now for my trendy divas (which there is absolutely nothing wrong with that connotation). I included the widely popular maxi skirt as a complement to the lace cropped top. I own only one maxi skirt because I try not to overdo the trendy items. However, it's so comfortable and versatile, I think I'm going to add several more to my wardrobe. For this set, the infamous Jeffrey Campbell wedge shoes and cat eye sunglasses help round out this trendy style. I love it!

I hope you guys enjoyed my sets!



J.Jehanne said…
ohhh wee! I love your outfits. That crop top is amazing and I love the different options you gave. Thank you so much for the love on my blog. I really appreciate it.
You styled those wonderfully! My favorite is number 3 with the red heels!
Jennifer said…
I love these outfits....especially the one with the maxi skirt. I do love a comfortable trend
Great looks! I love the pop of blue in the second one. And those shoes are pretty amazing.

Check out my blog some time at!

Now following you with GFC :)
Regina said…
Ohhh, lovely. I like these, good job.
Nekiah Torres said…
I love all of these outfits so much! You did a great job! I need that top in my life! I guess I will have to make one because Topshop does not carry my size! :-( Kiah