Outfit: Red, White, and Blue

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Happy Independence Day!!!!!!!!!
I hope most of you are checking out my blog during the evening hours because I sure hope you guys had a fabulous day chowing down on some good ol' barbeque! I'm spending the day with family and friends. This year the BBQ is at my house and boy if you only knew how hard I worked between yesterday and today. Let's just say I should have taken Tuesday off from work.....smh.

I got into the red, white, and blue spirit yesterday as I went shopping for my event.

Yes....I DO actually own a pair of blue leggings. But trust....they are mainly reserved for my workout sessions. I was just trying to be a little patriotic, okay? LOL

After I stepped outside, I rolled my sleeves up and swiftly removed my scarf. The heat was SMOKIN'!

Earrings: Boutique in Miami

Scarf: Urban Outfitters

Tunic Top: Zara

Rings: Forever 21

Clutch: Thrifted

Leggings: Target

Sandals: Nine West

Image spotted via Google images



Anonymous said…
Happy 4th! Very patriotic, lol :-)