Outfit: Navy Mini

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday!!! I'm headed out of town for a beach filled weekend. I'll be back to throw a BBQ gathering at my house for my close family and friends. It's a 4th of July fun-filled weekend! I love any excuse to get with my crew and eat, lol.

I went out with my bestie last week and dug deep in my drawer to find this navy mini.....I forgot I had it.

Earrings - Boutique in Miami

Sweater - Forever 21

Necklace - Forever 21

Rings - Forever 21

Handbag - Cole Haan

Skirt - Forever 21

Sandals - gift (Nine West)

Have a safe weekend my friends!



Melanie said…
Cute sweater!
KC said…
Three things:
1. Navy is my favorite color!
2. White is my favorite color to pair with navy (along with yellow and red...and green).
3. Based on the previous two, I love your outfit! (I really like the sweater.)

Thanks for visiting and following...right back at ya!
Emma said…
Lovely casual style. That sweater does not look as if it came from Forever 21. It's so pretty.
Sara said…
love the outfit! =)
Anna said…
That sweater is sooooo cute! Love the pairing with the navy shorts