Hot or Not - JLo's Body Con Gown

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I spotted this pic of Jennifer Lopez at the BAFTA gala over the weekend. I wanted to post on her gown, but I first had to locate the designer. I hate to post about fashion without any idea of who the designer is. You have to give credit where credit is due in my opinion. Designers work really hard, so I believe they deserve recognition.

Well it took a couple of days but I realized that her dress reminded me of this look that I posted of Ciara a few months back and from there, I went to my favorite trusty fashion site, to browse the runway looks. Elle's runway section is so super organized and really easy to browse. I love how they've revamped their website. Lo and behold, I found JLo's exact dress below.

Jennifer is wearing an Emilio Pucci design. Now, let's get to business. Jennifer has a great body....I'm sure we can all agree to this. However, I think this particular body con style was a little ill-fitting on her very toned physique. I think if the fit was a little more relaxed through the hip, it would be perfect. On the right, supermodel Joan Smalls werks the heck outta Pucci's 2011 Fall RTW collection gown. Although I love JLo's curves (I mean, I'm a curvy chick myself), but I actually think a little extra room through the gown would be ideal for the voluptuous diva.

What do you all think?

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Michelle Lee said…
i love that dress
Sara said…
Not a big fan of her in the dress, she has such a great body she can probably wear anything but definitely not this. Great post!
Janique said…
I love the dress, but I think J. Lo makes it look a bit trashy. I love it on the model though.