Enjoying the View

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Welcome back from the weekend! Last Sunday I went to the beach for the day. All I did was lay around and catch up on some personal reading. It.Was.PERFECT!!!! I'm headed back this upcoming weekend to experience it all over again ;-)

Oh come now.....I had to be a color coordinating fashionista even on the beach. I'm sure you all expected nothing less. LOL!


There are spots in some of my pictures.....and that's because it began to rain.....but it abruptly stopped and didn't start back again while I was there. So happy.

The wind was brutal to my hair.....smh

Hat - Urban Outfitters

Sunglasses - Emporio Armani

Earrings - Nordstrom

Bikini top - Wet Seal
Maxi dress worn as skirt - Forever 21

Beach Tote - Cole Haan



Nekiah Torres said…
Ahhhhhh this looks so relaxing! You look fabulous! Kiah
Ingrid said…
Cute girly!
Laura said…
Beachy color blocking, I really love this!!!! Your post is reminding me of how wonderful the beach is...