Who Rocked It?


I hope you all had a good weekend. I worked all weekend, which is a blessing so I'm NOT complaining. I also had to let go of some baggage that was weighing me down. I'm so glad I did, however, I do remain a little annoyed at how long I entertained it. You live and you learn right?

Anyhew, I love to see how different people rock their items of clothing. Which is why I LOVE doing these "Who Rocked It" segments on the blog. Today's observation of style takes a close look at this crochet sweater by Ever worn by both Katie Holmes and Ciara.

Katie recently wore her sweater as a cover up for a yachting trip she took with the family. She paired it with cute strappy wedges, a fedora, and huge beach bag.

If you remember from this post. Ciara rocked her sweater while on vacay with her boo Amari Stoudemire of the NY Knicks. Ciara goes with a super cute bad girl style by pairing some combat boots and distressed denim shorts with her sweater.

Which celeb do you think rocked it? I'm on the fence. I'm leaning towards Katie but then I really like the combat boots with Ci-Ci's ensemble. Actually, both of these styles are something I would have put together....which explains why I'm on the fence. Hmm.....

Pics spotted at PeopleStyleWatch.com, NecoleBitchie.com