Outft: Shopping per usual

Greetings Fashion Friends,

I'm still on vacay, enjoying Vegas of course ;-) Before I left, I did a little preparatory shopping so I could be casually fly while out West.

The maxi dress is the absolute best outfit for shopping. It's fly, comfortable, and easy to remove when you need to try on clothing.

I LOVE this scarf! It's my favorite summer scarf so let me apologize in advance for the fact that you will be seeing it quite often in the next couple of months, lol. I promise I'll make sure I mix it up for ya :)

Huge sunglasses (...check), dash of color (....check), maxi dress (...check), and statement bag ....(check).....Now I'm ready to hit the malls.

Scarf-Claire's Boutique/ Sunglasses-Emporio Armani/ Earrings-Macy's/ Maxi Dress-Forever 21/ Handbag-Cole Haan (gift)



Rita said…
Nice scarf...I love a maxi!!!
Cathy said…
woo, Vegas :), it must be x___x insanely hot during this time of year. You look great in that maxi dress and :3 the scarf paired with it is cute.
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