Travel Recap Part I - Las Vegas

Greetings Fashionistas,

Below are some of the first day pics from my family vacay in Vegas. We did it big by staying at the Circus Circus hotel, LOL (hey, we had kids with us).........and I did it broke by shopping a tad too much. SMH

As some of you may know, this hotel is at the very end of the strip. However, if you must bring kids along on a trip to Vegas with you, then this will definitely be the best kid friendly my opinion.

I went with a boho chic style for my first day out....

We hit the stores pretty early....Wearing: Scarf-Zara/ Earrings-Boutique in Puerto Rico/ Necklace-Forever 21/ Ring-Street vendor/ Handbag-Cole Haan (gift)/ Sandals-Sam Edelman

I want to stay at the Paris hotel next......

It was hot....but their was zero humidity so no sweating occurred :)

That evening we watched one of the free circus acts at our hotel.

The irritating thing about silk scarves is that they slide/move easily. I had to switch up the look a tad by wrapping it around my neck because it kept sliding off my head......

Sooo, we did gamble. My cousin, my mom, and I got hooked on the Elvis quarters game.....I mean it was bad.

However we did win quite frequently.....which only fueled the vicious cycle of gambling. I'm so glad I have limited knowledge of the other games and a little self-control. It's scary to think of my emotions while playing this game. Hot mess!

It's about 2am in this pic so we were finally getting ready to turn it in. Fun times!



Clarissa said…
You guys look like you had fun! Love your dress.