Style Challenge - Ruffled Mini Skirt

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

It's that time again. Time to style one article of clothing 4 different ways. Because it's starting to warm up around the country (yaaaayyyy), I chose this ruffled mini skirt below to showcase some fun stylish ideas.

Suno Tiered Mini Skirt


At first, I thought this skirt had a floral print (please pardon the title of my sets), but on closer inspection, I determined the print was watercolor. So sorry. This skirt is the perfect spring/summer wardrobe staple. The bright colors alone get me in the mood for another mini vacay ;-) It's also rather short. The description on the site says that it falls above mid-thigh...SWEET!

Check out my "stylish" spins on the above garment...below.

Style Challenge - Floral Ruffled Skirt

Style Challenge - Floral Ruffled Skirt by Fashion Pad featuring vintage style earrings

I adore the glamorous, personal style divas. They love to dress up everything! And of course heels and a designer bag are a must. I decided to play up their love of glamour with a fitted blazer and metallic high-heels. As you can see above, I incorported minimal jewelry. You don't always have to go big with your accessories. Sometimes the clothes themselves are all you need to make an impact.

Style Challenge - Floral Ruffled Skirt Part II

Style Challenge - Floral Ruffled Skirt Part II by Fashion Pad featuring cross pendant jewelry

A little play on patterns is what I tried to accomplish with the above set. The skirt has a busy pattern so I contrasted with a funky pair of striped wedges. The key to combining different patterns is to make sure that two or more colors in the separate patterns match. In the set above, black is the common color (or neutral if we want to get technical). In this case, it works out just fine as white works well with the light colors in the skirt. Tastefully combining different patterns lends a playful and daring vibe to an outfit.

Style Challenge - Floral Ruffled Skirt Part IV

Style Challenge - Floral Ruffled Skirt Part IV by Fashion Pad featuring fendi handbags

I almost went with the cowgirl boots to complement the skirt in the above set; but alas, I chose to go with a more conservative, classic style. A fitted cardigan serves as the complement to this flirty mini. A pair of peep-toe pumps and a lady-like bag places this outfit on trend. If it's a little too stuffy for your tastes, push up the sleeves, add layers of bangles to your arm, and rock several huge cocktail rings. You could also remove the belt as well because the skirt has a tie sash at the waist.

Style Challenge - Floral Ruffled Skirt Part III

Style Challenge - Floral Ruffled Skirt Part III by Fashion Pad featuring a straw hat

Of course I couldn't leave out my boho chicks. For a comfortable, laid back and chic style, rock a pair of gladiator sandals, throw on a fedora, and bring on the chill factor with a cross-body bag. If the cuff is too glam, choose multiple layers of earthy bangles instead.

So what do you guys think?



Tina Marie said…
I like the boho chic style for everyday and I love the one with the suit jacket. I love how those jackets just dress everything up!
Anonymous said…
I love the first set.....cute!!!