Outfit - Casual Saturday

Greetings Fashion Friends,

I made it quick trip home to visit with family and to support my niece and nephew once again. Below I'm at my nephew's soccer game. Later that day I went to my niece's dance recital....too cute. It was a scorching 92 degrees so I was quite casual and wore minimal attire. Although, it ended up being super windy so I wished I had thrown on a light cardigan or something.....geesh, does that sound old???? LOL!

Yea I know, I had on a dress but I still was determined to swing.

Sunglasses - Emporio Armani

Earrings - Forever 21

Dress - Mango

Handbag - Furla

Cuff and rings - various street vendors

Sandals - Zara



Kylie said…
Wow, those sandals are hot. When did u get them???
Heather said…
I really like the pink bag with the blue dress. Nice complement.
Nekiah Torres said…
Super cute dress. I love the color on you and the flow of it. Ruffles are so pretty! Kiah