OemaTakorr S/S 2011

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

Below I've posted 4 looks from the OemaTakorr S/S 2011 collection titled "Passion". Several readers wanted to know about their designs from my Reader Request Inquiry. Well I'm happy to say they're back with another fly collection.

According to OemaTakorr's very gracious Creative Director, Kamar Zachery,

"The inspiration behind this particular OemaTakorr collection is having passion for the things we most value. Some of us value material things, vacations, work, etc. I know many that value long lasting companions, while others appreciate being uninhibited, so they seek inner peace and love. I associate with a variety of people from around the world that love sharing what they are most passionate about. This gives me fuel for thought. My passion is creating. I love bringing their thoughts and my ideas together. It is an art. It is my way of expressing my perspective to the world. What more can I say?"

Well said Mr. Zachery! Thank you for sharing with my readers. Please see a small sample of the collection below.

Black Kiss and BonesRome


Kiss Me

Love Within

What do you guys think? Will you be rocking OemaTakorr?

Special thanks to OemaTakorr



Larissa said…
My boyfriend would love the "Rome" shirt.