New Additions....

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Welcome back from the weekend. I'm sorry bout the lack of posts and comments. Blogger went a little berserk and erased my 5/12 post and comments. I had to re-post it on Friday late afternoon and then I didn't have time to post something additional for the 13th. SMH. It was sooo irritating!!!

Anyhew, I had a fabulous weekend per to come. But the highlight of the weekend was seeing the arrival of two new additions to my closet :-)

First up is my new Cole Haan bag.

Such a gorgeous woven leather.....

Yea you know I had to give it the "pack it with my life" test. Lmbo!

Next up are some funky heels I'd been waiting to come down in price.

The straps sure do "grip the hell outta my feet". LOL! Seriously, it's a snug fit....but not too tight.

Please excuse the grey tights. I was heading out for a workout.

Heels - Asos ($30 bucks)

Bag - Cole Haan (gift)



Nekiah Torres said…
Love that bag girl! Those shoes are hot too!! Kiah
Emily said…
Oh these are really nice. I love the bag!
Cathy said…
sweetness :) the detail on the bag is lovely<3

those heels are interesting :> !
Style & Poise said… I know I don't know you but I am going to need you to send me those shoes ASAP...thanks! Lol! Girl that bag and those shoes are the bizness.....LOVE em'! Now following back!