Hot or Not????

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

Hey good people! I'm back from my mini vacay and I must recommend getting away from it all for several days every now and then. I do feel revived and ready to get back to the grind :-)

What do you all think of the below heels by Thakoon? I want to say that they're over the top...too much of a 70s influence with the glitter....and the design aesthetic is a little unappealing.

Thakoon Glitter snake-effect and leather ankle boots

Please note that if this style is your cup of tea, nix the statement jewelry or patterns....they would certainly compete with this bootie.

I'm leaning towards....not, but what do you all think of this boot?



i there loving your shoe pick,these are high glamour with a capital g! Always great to recharge!I have an interesting shoe review overon My Passport to Style, I would really appreciate you taking a look and commenting and linking to it if you wish, on twitter.Let me know if I can return the favour sometime. Have a stylish day! Sharon xx
Charlotte said…
Get rid of the stupid straps and it will be hot in my opinion.