GUNAS.....A Socially Conscious Brand

Greetings Fashionistas,

I would like to take a second and introduce you to a new vegan handbag line named GUNAS®. While the collection is constructed entirely of eco-friendly and vegan materials, GUNAS® has an unparalleled eye for style and sophistication that makes other "green" fashion brands pale in comparison!

This unisex line was inspired by designer Sugandh's love for modernity and sophistication, both qualities which combine to create the distinct, unique look of the brand. GUNAS® debuted in New York Fashion Week 2010 with a 10 style collection. Style is not sacrificed by this vegan line as you can see from the images above. These lightweight versatile bags feature custom hardware and Italian zippers which contribute to the luxuriousness and distinctive look of each piece. Sungandh believes in the importance of conscious consumption and exclusivity so many of the pieces are limited edition and special order only.

The collection includes duffels, messengers, totes and clutches. GUNAS® bags are handmade in the heart of Manhattan's Fashion District and the materials for the collections come from all over the world from other socially responsible companies. Custom hardware designed in-house adds to the uniqueness of their brand.

What do you guys think? Tres chic....or not? I know I like the brand. The duffles are super hot!

Check out the line on their website and on Facebook