5 Things I Want Now!!!

Greetings Fashion Divas,

Well it's that time again. I've been obsessing over a TON of items nowadays...which is the norm for me whenever there is a change of season. You know, it coincides with the wave of new arrivals in stores, LOL.

I have some big ticket as well as low ticket items that I'm getting ready to add to my already over flowing shopping cart. I just can't help myself *insert shoulder shrug here*. Below are just a few items I'd like to share with you all. Yes, you read correctly.....just a few items. I can't let you guys see just how insane I really am ;-)

Jeffrey Campbell Lita with Studs

I tried to avoid this trendy little heel but you guys know that I'm addicted to studs.....it's the call of my inner biker/rocker persona.

Asos Mesh and Chiffon Maxi Skirt

I am in LOVE with this skirt. I know it will be challenging to rock this because I am definitely vertically challenged, but I must have this skirt. Blue is my favorite color and that initial design aesthetic really drew my eye. Then, the light and soft fabrics that comprise this skirt are an added bonus for me in my perennially hot locale.

Roberto Cavalli Gold Plated Amethyst Snake Ring

How hot is this ring??? I'm not a huge fan of gold but it certainly makes a statement when done right. This ring is very regal and I love how bold the design is. Haute!

Tinley Road Capri

I need a comfortable wedge for all the traveling I will be doing this summer. I can't pack a ton of items so I need a versatile heel as well. What works better than a neutral/brown shoe for summer?

Magnificent Matador One Shoulder Red Romper

This affordable romper pops with its rich red hue. I love the matador effect with the fabric hanging over one shoulder. It's really stylish and looks light and comfortable. It must be an addition to my wardrobe ASAP!!!

What do you guys think of my wanted items?



Nekiah Torres said…
I love EVERYTHING!! I need those Litas STAT!! I am so in love with Jeffrey Campbell. I have 3 pairs of his lovelies so far...Lita or Foxy is my next pair!! Kiah
Heather said…
Love the maxi skirt and rompers....
Noelle said…
I think all your wants are now going to be my wants....