Reader Request: All White Beach Social

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

How was your weekend??? I had one filled with activities. Talk about fun AND tiring, lol.

Well lets get to it. I have a reader request to share with you all.


I am looking for a white dress to wear to a beach social. I don't like wearing white so I don't own anything besides a couple of tees. I'd prefer an all white ensemble that I don't have to create, hence the request for a dress. Thanks in advance :)

Okay, I got cha. White on the beach is perfect! I will provide cotton, jersey, linen, and polyester materials from you to choose from because they can be dressed up, they are light and breezy, and perfect for an outdoor event.

Hive & Honey Embroidered Peasant Dress

The above cotton number has an endearing embroidery and, like all the dresses I post, you can add a little interest through some colorful stone jewelry or "conversation starting" antique pieces.

Premium Vintage Trim Cutwork Maxi Dress

$41.60 (on sale)

A stack of bangles and a long chain necklace will set this maxi off right.

Off-the-Shoulder Tee Dress
I love this casual number. If you want a laid back beach girl look, grab the canvas bag and slide on some dark sunglasses to complement.
Kristen-Kimono Sleeve Dress

Okay, not only is this dress cute, it's priced at an amount worthy of our most stubborn budgetnista ;-)

Racerback Sundress

$35.86 (on sale)

I love this silhouette! Simple yet feminine.

If the above don't fit what you're looking for, I've included tons more for your perusal. Happy shopping!



Tina Marie said…
Love the white maxi dress. It looks so laid back and cool, yet put together. Great finds!