Outfit: Destroyed denim shorts

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy FRIDAY!!!! I never thought I would be one of those people who anticipates the coming weekend. I love my career and I'm not really stressed out, but it's just great when the weekend comes around so you can just kick back, relax, and do whatever the heck you wanna do. #Justsaying

I did a little quick shopping a couple of days ago and I just threw on a casual look. The combat boots put me in the mood to visit my old "stomping grounds". Pun intended.....LOL!

I have to post pics of some of my new purchases soon or I'm going to have at least 30 items listed on this blog.....may need to add a slide show. SMH

I love these destroyed shorts but my thighs and the shorts were sort of battling out. I think my thighs won o_o

Earrings - Forever 21

Top - Urban Outfitters

Jean Shorts - Charlotte Russe

Bangles - Street vendor

Handbag - Furla

Boots - Bakers



Cathy said…
i like this outfit :) the rose shirt and the cut up shorts look good together :> and who doesn't pair combat boots with everyday(LOL i'm guilty of wearing combats with everything /:).

i want that lace jacket too! xD perhaps maybe later :].
Anonymous said…
You look cuuute! Your physique is looking lean too girlie!
Fashion Pad said…
Awww....thanks ladies. Love ya'll :-)