Outfit: Basic

Greetings Fashion Friends,

Between work, church, my blog, family, and friends, and personal projects, I am in need of a much needed vacay. I love work, ABSOLUTELY LOVE church, love my blog and of course I LOVE LOVE my family and friends but being pulled in so many directions is tiring. At the end of this month I'm going to take a mini vacay (weekend only) and I plan to leave my computer home and keep my cell on vibrate. Normally when I go on trips I bring my daily life with me but this time I'm going to try something different. Besides, it's hard to get a signal on the beach anyways ;-)

Sometimes, when I'm getting dressed to go no where in particular, I'm just a basic diva. But I still try to maintain an air of style and sophistication because you never know who you're going to run into.

I bought this shirt from the men's section at Urban Outfitters and every time I wear it it gets mistaken for a light jacket, lol. Seriously, it's really not that large.

I'm not a huge fan of the clutch but this clutch served as my focal piece because it's just so dang FLY!!!

I wore these wedges I've had for about 4 yrs now and I am ashamed to admit that they look horrid up close. They're passable from far away because you can't see the scrapes and scuff marks but man oh man, don't look too long. LOL. I don't even want to donate them, but I will because some body may be able to make these suckers presentable once again.

Earrings/rings - Street vendor

Necklace - Forever 21

Top - Urban Outfitters

Tank - H&M

Jeans - DIY (Macy's originally)

Clutch - Vintage (mom's closet)

Wedge Heels - Bebe



Tina Marie said…
Have a great vacation!

Cathy said…
i like your basic look :>. i think i want to mimic your look xD. as simple as it is, o-o i honestly haven't paired a solid shirt with an oversized button up in a looong time!
totally agree with you.. I tend to run into everyone i know when am not bothered dressing well :P :)
I love the pants you wearing! everything is just so neat :)