New Additions .....

Greetings Fashion Divas,

I have been receiving numerous packages lately at my home. Some one's been getting a little happy with her frequent shopper miles. LOL! Anyways, I'm not panicking because all of the below purchases added up to less than $150.00. SWEET!!!

I've wanted a pair of wedges that had a funky design. How hot are they?

They look so unassuming from the front....

Finally, my search for an open-toe red pump has least for now I'm satisfied. This pump's color is a little muted but they fit really well for a bargain brand so I'm certainly not complaining.

You have to have a summer platform. This heel is too cute. My friends and I call any shoe adorned with jewels on the front the "Beyonce heel". Go ahead, take a look at performance photos of Queen B....she loves her jeweled heels, lol.

These platforms are a little too big so I'm going to have to get them taken care of some how :(

Ummm, yeah another red pump. But this time the look is candy apple red...which is what I wanted....and they have the cutest little peep toe. Now these heels are about 1/4 an inch too tight. They will also be going to my shoe repair guy because I never have, and hope to never mess up my feet due to a pair of "too tight" shoes. However, I couldn't pass up on the price of this heel. They were on sale for $15.00! Unreal right.

I know I'm late on the oxford trend, but I don't care because whatever I like, is whatever I wear. I respect the trends, but I just choose to prolong their stay at times :-)

The sides of the shoe has a mesh fabric incorporated. Tres chic!

Pink satin wedges - Betsey Johnson

Red peep-toe pumps - Jessica Simpson Collection (found at Burlington Coat Factory)

Tan oxford shoes -

Red peep-toe pumps -

Tan platform heel -



Tina Marie said…
LOVE the wedges!! They are so cute :) I want a pair!
Cathy said…
sweet buys<3 collecting shoes is FUN :]

those betsy johnson one's stand out so much!