I Really Luv My.....

Greetings Fashion Divas,

It's that time again. I've noticed several celebs rocking some of their favorite items time and again....and you know, I ain't mad at them. I don't think because you're wealthy you can't wear what you want multiples times. I also like to observe how they/their stylists switch up the look using the same versatile item.

On the left, the gorgeous actress is seen running errands in L.A. in her Black Orchid jeggings. On the right, she's rocking the denim again as she battles a rainy day.

Halle is out at an art show with her boyfriend, Olivier (not pictured) in her Black Orchid denim. Then, she and her super cute daughter are spotted out shopping in Beverly Hills. Does this chick every take a bad picture OR have a bad style day???

If you love this style but can't afford the $124 - $150 price tag, check out the fabulous find below.

Heavy Stitch Bling Skinny Jean

This jean has a similar wash and design to Halle's pair. The price is also reasonable. To get Halle's style, pair the above with a black tee and black, rugged motorcycle boots.

Another celeb I've noticed rocking their fav garment time and again is Vanessa Hudgens. The Sucker Punch actress appears to love this oversized cardigan. And I must admit, it looks super comfortable.

On the left, Vanessa is spotted arriving in L.A. with her usual boho chic style. On the right, she wore her fav cardigan while promoting her new movie in London.

She then turns to the cardigan again while out and about running errands. Unfortunately, I have no idea the brand of that cardigan and talk about bad luck when I tried to find the look for less. Let's just focus on the fact that she isn't afraid to wear her favs more than once.....unlike some other celebs. However, I need her hat ASAP! LOL.

Photos spotted at INFdaily.com, denimblog.com, denimology.com, People.com/StyleWatch



Cathy said…
We all have our favorite items :>. haha I really like Vanessa's oversized cardigan for some reason it stands out.