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Greetings Fashion Mavens,

Sorry fo the late post, I got a really late start today. Anyhew, as I was perusing some of my fav gossip blog sites I ran across this pic of Jennifer Hudson on promotion in London for her new album.

At first, I saw only a pic of her from her shorts on up to her hat and I thought, "wow, this is a cute, vintage look". Then, I saw the full body picture and well......not so much.

I just don't understand the addition of the leggings/tights. It's puzzling. I believe she would have had a cute outfit if she would have just removed the leggings. Furthermore, I think the style would have been tres' chic if she would have traded in the heels for some two-tone oxfords and a cross-body bag. That would have really won the over the Londoners. But of course, these are just my thoughts.

What do you guys think?

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3 lovely fashionistas commented:

Patricia said...

Definitely not...

greenmochi said...

i like shorts and pantyhose, or with leggings or tights, only if my feet are hidden with boots. it makes it look like i'm wearing a legless pair. :3

Tina Marie said...

That particular outfit looks a little odd with leggings.