Business Trip Recap

Greetings Fashion Divas,

So a few weeks ago I flew out to Dallas for a quick business trip. I stayed at the Westin, The Galleria and it was fab. There was a mall attached to the hotel but alas, I did not have enough time to even walk through it. You guys know I was extremely hurt *insert sad and weeping face here* LOL

I pulled out this uber comfortable dress from the back of my closet and low and behold it's actually too big now. Yaaayyy!!! But of course that didn't stop me from wearing it. I just rocked the "slightly off-the-shoulder" look....had to keep it professional you know ;-)

The views of Dallas were amazing.

Last minute prep work....

Almost too much room for one person......almost

The dress kept falling off my shoulders but whateva. Sexy working professional. LOL

Earrings - Burlington Coat Factory

Dress - Macy's

Handbag - Louis Vuitton Speedy 35

Ring - Forever 21

Pumps - Zara



Tina Marie said…
LOve the Zara pumps. Let's the dress take all the attention, yet are very sexy. Good choice :)
Cathy said…
What an interesting nude and pink combo dress! o_o I've never seen any dress that like at Macy's :p. xD I love Macy's though :).
Fashion Pad said…
You have visit the women's section and go to the INC label. I really think they have a lot of hidden gems. I have a lot of career items from Macy's.