Spotted - Cynthia Desser Necklace

Greetings Fashion Divas,

Supermodel and overall fab chick Heidi Klum was spotted in LA last week rocking the uber gorgeous turquoise tassel necklace by Cynthia Desser Accessories! Take a look below.

A combination of her stance and that tunic makes Heidi look a little preggers. But I do like her comfy casual style

See, this is better. You an see the outline of her flat tummy and the boldness of her statement necklace. For this look, I really think the necklace would have really stood out against a less busy print. Please take that into consideration when you're pairing items like that. Jewelry paired with busy prints can get lost visually unless the item is really chunky.

Turquiose Tassel Necklace

This is a very nice piece. It looks even more striking up close. Turquoise is such a great color for spring/summer and I love the "heavy" looking chain detail. For me, bronze always seems heavy but most times it's really light and fun.

Check out Cynthia Desser and let me know what you guys think of the above necklace.



Keisha said…
It's a really nice necklace but it's also expensive. I don't got it like that.