Outfit: Shrunken Cardigan

Greetings Fashionistas,

I'm currently out of town on business so this post is going to be super brief. Last weekend I went bowling. I hit a cool 115. Go me, lol! I don't have any pics of me bowling because my camera went kaput (someone forgot to put new batteries in her).

Yes, I'm wearing boots. You all know I got to stay on point at ALL times. Besides, I rented bowling shoes anyways. I also doubled up on my socks too.

So this cardigan was actually a lot longer. It shrunk in my dryer and honestly, I'm not mad. I think it works and I will definitely keep rocking it.

I'm so excited I ran across this boho clutch. I don't know how it got in my storage box instead of my closet. Whew, great save Shanequa :)

Earrings - my grandmother's jewelry chest
Cardigan - Macy's
Scarf - Burlington Coat Factory
Tank top - Urban Outfitters
Jeans - Urban Outfitters
Clutch - Bebe
Boots - Forever 21



Jennifer said…
You look nice. I like the colors you're wearing. That's a unique combination.