Out with the Guys....

Greetings Fashion Friends,

Me and the fellas went to Disney again this weekend to make up for our sorry excuse for an evening last Saturday, lol. This time, although a certain diva was late, we had a really good time.

Outside waiting on the bus (which took forever btw) to transport us to our final destination.

Of course we had to treat this as a photo op.....you know it was inevitable ;-)

Technology is sooo addictive. I was tweeting here.

PHOTO OP! Don't we just look marvelous???

Oh Eric...must you be the focal point of every group photo? Lmbo

My Speedy 35 looks like a duffel bag in this pic. Wow!

The food at Disney is amazing but I particularly enjoyed this dinner show because of its Southern taste. I think Dexter and I were the only ones enjoying the salad.

The food was brought out to us in 18th century style steel buckets. We had barbecue baked beans, homestyle mash potatoes, pork ribs, fried chicken, cornbread, and for desert.....strawberry shortcake. By desert I was stuffed and unable to lift a camera. I know, that's really sad which is why I had my behind in the gym Sunday after church.

Above was the scene of our dinner show on the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds. The show was pretty cheeky and definitely for the little kiddies, but overall it was tolerable because the food was delectable ;-)



Larissa said…
Eric looks like a fun friend to hang with. Love your hair!
House of Brooke said…
Eric is HAUTE!
Love that bag he has!

And I bet he is a HOOT to hang with