Spotted: Chloe Large Marcie Tote

Greetings Fashion Divas,

I think that I have serious fashion obsession. Every time I spot a pic of a Chloe handbag I get excited, I stalk the image, then I just have to post on it. It's really sad to witness....smh

Case in point; Rachel Bilson was spotted out and about running errands a couple of days ago. Now, to me, there is nothing fascinating about her outfit but what homegirl does understand is that you can just add a supa hot handbag to a mundane look and get instant fabulosity.

See, the eye just immediately focuses on the bag. Is it because of the color? Maybe, but I know it's the style, shape, and size of that beauty that really adds interest.

Chloe Marcie Large Leather Bag


This beauty has been on my most wanted list for some time now. I could not even find a worthy look for less. Oh well, I guess I'll continue to hope that someone becomes super generous and gets me this bad *insert sad puppy eyes here* LOL.

Pic spotted at

Au revoir!


Chloe bags have always been some of my favorite. In 2006, I was lucky enough to score one on eBay, and I treasure it to this day. I admire Rachel's style, she's always so effortlessly chic.