New Addition - LV Speedy

Greetings Fashion Friends,

As some of you may know, I've been thinking about making a move into the world of Louis Vuitton for a while. I thought about it for a very long time because I had been told that once you go LV, there's no going back. Quite frankly that terrified me, lol. As most of their bags cost more than my mortgage :o

Well, this past week I went ahead and made the plunge. I've been a very bad girl ;-) I started off small, but nevertheless I couldn't shake off that freakin' desire for this lil bag for nothing. SMH

I'm never throwing away this bag or this box. I'm sentimental, but mostly, they are of such good quality I just couldn't get rid of them.

Isn't she lovely....lmbo

I'm not a big fan of the monogram all. So I went with the Damier Speedy 35. It has that signature LV style and look, but it doesn't "scream" look at me I have a Louis. Not to mention, this particular bag isn't knocked off as much.

All and all I'm completely satisfied. It's a classic bag that never goes out of style. Okay, I hope I don't have an itch for anything else for a while from LV but.........I was browsing the site immediately after I got the bag. Oh goodness.

Au revoir!


Emily said…
I'm so jealous!!!!
Anonymous said…
ohhhh laaaa laaaa! I LOVE it! :) Great choice!!!
Anonymous said…
ohhh laaaa laaa!! It looks FAB! I love it and a great choice!!