New Addition - Funky Heels

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday!!!! Today is a rather long day for me but I'm happy nonetheless because my weekend is going to be full of fun, fun, fun! I can't wait :-)

I know I told you guys that I was trying to stop shopping for a little while because I got some other big stuff I'm trying to get rolling. However, I think that the purchase I made the other day is a good deal.

These funky heels from Bakers were on clearance for only $15 bucks!!!! How sweet is that?

Okay, I know you're wondering...why was I in a mall? Well, funny story, I had to go to Sprint and even though they are located in a plaza in front of the mall, I thought that they were in the mall.......oh geesh, okay I'm lying. LOL! All my homegirls would call me out because I know every last store in the mall. Let's just say I missed the mall okay ;)

Look at that slim, stiletto heel. I'm not a fan of long ties but on this shoe it adds to the funky style and looks pretty jazzy.

I'm so excited. I need to try and break these babies in this weekend.

Au revoir!


Alyssa said…
Those are cute!!! $15...mercy
Gina said…
Anonymous said…
Wow, great find! I have big feet (size 10) so I rarely luck on gems like this.
Thick Chick said…
I bought those shoes for $10 about 3 months ago. I gave them away because the strings never stayed tied tight for long. I hope they work better for you. They were very cute though...hated that part