Ski Trip Recap

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

How was your weekend? I did absolutely nothing.....well, just on Saturday until about 9:30pm, then I went to my friend/stylist's birthday dinner. It was fun. On Sunday, I went to church and then I went to my aunt's housewarming party. It was really fun. I thought this weekend was going to be one of me just sitting on my bum. But fortunately, it was a pretty event-filled one ;-)

So below I've posted a gang of photos from my ski trip last weekend (MLK). We had sooooo much fun. I wish I could have posted all of them but that would have been too much. If you recall from previous posts, me and my girls went to Gatlinburg, TN. We ruled the slopes, LOL!

DAY 1 - Arrival, shopping, and dinner

The super pretty birthday bff Ja'Kim. Yep, that's me in the background invading her pic, lol.

I was super casual on this flight.

We were only gone for 4 days...barely. But looks like we were away for weeks, lmbo.

This was our lovely resort. Tres fab!

Of course we had to find the nearest shopping destination. Can you believe we've been friends since pre-school???? I LOVE these chicks!!!

Ja'Kim and her cousin Peaches

Sorry, didn't realize this pic was so blurry when I was uploading.

I was so focused, lol

Ja'Kim's cousin Neecy. The wine connoisseur.

Day 2 - Ski trip
We waited in lines every.where.we.went. Talk about tiring.

The slopes were super crunk.

The first glimpse of your future ski pro ;-)

.....okay, maybe not a pro, LOL. But this was the first and only time I fell, in the ski lesson only. After that, I stayed on my feet, lol.

The daredevil crew

Poor Ann......lmbo

Ja'Kim stayed on the ground. She also caused the ski lifts to stop for her an unbelievable 4 times!!!! SMH

I'm modeling the latest in ski fashions. Don't I look tres fab? LOL

Day 3 - Exploring the Smokies

I acted like such a kid....smh.

We were determined to take this on the line and all, lol.

It was soooo beautiful. I loved the scenery.

I got stuck in the snow.....In-Sane!!!!

Day 4 - headed home

Fun times had by all!

Au revoir!


Melissa said…
Okay, lots of it :)
Angela said…
You guys look like you had so much fun!
Vanessa said…
You all stepped out in some cute winter looks. I especially like your snow boots Shanequa :)