Reader Request Part II - Casual Date Outfits

Greetings Fashion Friends,

Yesterday, I posted the first half of fab reader Caitlyn's request. Today, we'll cover the 2nd half. Below I've posted her email request for easy reference.

Hey Shanequa,

Next month my boyfriend and I are headed out of town for a short trip for Valentine's Day. I'm so excited and I need to look great. That's where you come in. The first request I have is for you to find me a really cute cocktail-like dress. I have sort of a boy shape (i.e. no curves) so I hope you can help me find dresses that are sexy but not too revealing. Also, my budget maxes out at around $200. My second request is for a couple of cute, casual outfits. We'll be down south so I'm sure it will be warm. Thanks so much!!!

See below for some fashion inspiration.

Casual Outing with the BF - Part 1

Casual Outing with the BF - Part 1 by Fashion Pad featuring cable knit scarves

This set has a lot of trendy, fashion copycat style. But I think it's easy to pull off and you'll look super fab with just a hint of a bad girl style ;-) Now, if you're uncomfortable with the crop top, just go with a longer tee, or switch it up and replace it with a button down top.

Casual Outing with the BF - Part 2

Casual Outing with the BF - Part 2 by Fashion Pad featuring ray ban shades

A billowy blouse is romantic. But remember, if you're going to go roomy up top, please make sure your bottom is fitted. And vice versa.

Casual Outing with the BF - Part 3

Casual Outing with the BF - Part 3 by Fashion Pad featuring slim fit jeans

This outfit can serve dual purposes. Leave off the jacket during the day for a laidback, yet cute, outfit. For dinner, add on the jacket for a more polished, casually chic look.

Okay Caitlyn, this concludes your request. Have fun honey and be careful.

Au revoir!


Ieisha said…
Love these looks!
Errin said…
Nice....I especially love the first and third outfits.